So, You're 18 Now
A Survival Guide for Young Adults

This booklet (2005), designed for young adults who are turning 18 years old, provides basic information on the new rights and responsibilities they have upon becoming an adult in the eyes of the law. It provides brief answers to some of the questions that young adults may have about their rights and responsibilities and additional resource information.

Schools are eligible for free copies.  Anyone from the public may purchase a copy $2 each.  To place an order, please contact


Topics include:

  • Citizenship (military service, voting, taxation).
    Where You Live (renting, buying, lease issues).
    Family Law (marriage, dissolution, paternity, domestic violence)
    On the Job ( pay, benefits, discrimination, sexual harassment, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation)
    On the Road (autos: buying, registration, insurance, tickets, accidents)
    At the Store (consumer credit and protection, discrimination, high pressure sales at your home, collection practices)
    Estate Planning (wills and other estate planning documents)
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