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Practice Management - Financial Planning
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Financial Planning


Family, Higher Education &
Real Estate Planning

A Family Mission Statement Can Keep Family Goals First

Adopting a Child Requires a Specific Plan

Always Have a Plan for Leftover 529 Plan Money

An all-Weather Strategy to Real Estate Investing

Blended Families Should Plan Early for Their Kids'
College Financial Aid

Caring for Elderly Loved Ones From Afar

During the Real Estate Freeze,
Vacation Homes Might Be a Warm Spot

Financial Planning For Newly Single Parents

Getting the Kids Involved in Saving for College

Getting Today's Best Returns from a Home Renovation

Heading Back to School?  Make a Plan First

Homeowners in Trouble Need to be Proactive

How New College Grads Can Get a Jump on
Financial Planning For a Lifetime

How Not To Go Broke If Your Kids
Move Back After Graduation

How to Takeover an Aging Parent's Finances

Making a Home Senior Friendly

Preparing Your Finances for a New Baby

Q&A: Foreclosure Investing May be On the Upswing,
But it isn't for the Squeamish

Reverse Mortgages Require a Close Look

Rules for Hiring Family Members

The Ins and Outs of Mortgages and Refinancing

Thinking About Borrowing from Family or Friends?
Do It The Right Way

Thinking About Going Back to College?
Make a Plan First

Thinking About Private School for Your Kids?
The Earlier You Start the Better

Top 10 Money Moves for Today's College Freshman

When Real Estate's in Trouble,
Spruce up Your Home and Finances

You May Love Each Other,
But Should You Invest Together


Insurance, Healthcare & Small Business Planning

A Long-term Care Insurance Primer

An Annual Insurance Checkup Can Save You
Money without Hurting Your Coverage

Couplepreneurs: Starting a Business with Your
Better Half Can Reap Huge Rewards _ And Unique Problems

Divorce Can Sink Your Health Coverage - What To Do First

Evaluating the Need for Insurance in Retirement

How to Buy Life Insurance

Investing Smart in a Health Savings Account

Is Pet Health Insurance Worth It

Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Actually Insures Your Trip

Most Americans Need to Prepare for Financial Impact of Disability

Most People Don't Have Enough Disability Insurance -
Don't Make That Mistake

Now is the Time to Pick Up Low-cost Life Insurance

Planning Surgery in a Foreign Country?
Make Sure Your Finances Are Safe Too

Short-term Long-term Care Insurance?
Make Sure it's a Good Idea for You

Should You Consider an HSA?

The Best time for a Business Disaster Plan

The Truth about Small Business Succession Planning

Think The Subprime Debacle Is all about Housing?

Tips on Filing Homeowner's Insurance Claims

Using Universal Life Insurance with
Secondary Guarantees for Estate Taxes

Why a Business Owner's Exit Plan Is So Important

General Financial Planning

 A Brave New Financial World for Baby Boomers

Add Prenuptial Agreement to Your Wedding Plans

Are Charitable Gift Accounts Right for You?

Business Not So Good? Here's How to Protect
Against Job Loss in a Financial Plan

Exploring Identity Theft

Financial Education for Minorities

Investment & Retirement Planning

 A Guide to Withdrawing Retirement Assets

A Primer on Hedge Funds

A Primer on Living Benefits

Alternatives to Traditional Investments

As Worker Stortage Increases, So Will
Incentives to Keep Boomers on the Job

Conserving Client Portfolios

Considering an Annuity? Managed Payout Funds Are
One More Entry in the Retirement Spend-Down Picture

Do Income Replacement Funds
Make More Sense Than Annuities

Don't Make These Retirement Planning Mistakes

Getting  Started with ETFs

Pay Close Attention to So-Called "Default" Investments

The Correct Way to Use Lifecycle Mutual Funds

The Ins and Outs of Roth IRA Conversions

Think it's Time to Tap Your Heloc for an Investment?
Get Some Advice First

To Retire or Un-retire Ways to Consider the Question

Try and Avoid These Stupid IRA Mistakes

What Are Exchange-traded Funds and How Do They Work?

Why Going Green in a Blue Economy
Can Be a Smart Investment

With the Market So Uncertain, Are Immediate Annuities
A Good Way to Preserve Your Retirement Savings

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce Settlement

How Your Personality Affects Your Financial Decision-making

Insuring Your Vacation? Make Sure You're Actually Covered

Is Conventional Planning Right for You

Making Your Employer a Partner in Your Financial Planning

Market Volatility Shouldn't Rattle a Good Financial Plan

Navigating Interest Rates, Inflation and the Economy

The Importance of an Annual Financial Checkup

The Trials and Tribulations of Measuring and
Comparing Investment Performance

When Recession Fears Surface, Check Your Plan - Or Make One

Year-End Personal Finance Checklist

Tax & Esate Planning

 A Time and Place for Life Settlements

Afraid of the AMT Now's the Time to Get Some Help

Are Accelerated Death Benefits a Good Backstop for
Uninsured Health Care Cost

As Medical Expenses Rise, Don't Miss Key Deductions

Be Careful About Picking Beneficiaries for
Your IRAs and 401(k)s

Estate Planning for the Worst Possible Scenario -
The Death of Both Spouses While the Kids Are Young

How Bunching Can Preserve Your Right to Itemize

ILITs Remain a Popular Estate Planning Tool and Technique


Lenders May Give You a Break on Debt,
But Uncle Sam Might Not Be So Forgiving

Losing Your Inheritance to Uncle Same - or Others

Make Estate and Finacial Planning a First Step After Divorce

Navigating the Federal and State Estate Tax Maze

Pros and Cons of Prepaying Your Funeral

Q&A: Consider Making an Estate Check-Up a
Multi-Generational Family Matter

The Ins and Outs of Audits

Tis the Season - Things to Know Before Filing Your Taxes

Will Your Kid's Inheritance Make Him/Her a Monster?
Not If You Plan Carefully


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