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Famed attorney-turned-author John Grisham once wrote, “No one wants to read about the honest lawyer.” But he’d never met Thomas Tomazin, a man whose career has been defined by his integrity, and who requires no fictional embellishments to prove it. Tom’s life has been marked by his commitment to values, to professionalism, and to the community. Those who know him attest to his character and compassion, which shine through to every aspect of his personal and professional life, and which he reflects into the Colorado legal community at every opportunity.

Even with his ever-growing list of achievements and his nonstop work ethic, Tom is regarded as genuine and friendly, ready to share from his wellspring of experience and lend advice. In some ways he does more now for the ACBA than he did as President. Though he never boasts about his impressive trial track record, he shares the wisdom of his successes, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone so keen to relay lessons for improvement.

A mentor to young lawyers, Tom is a beacon of knowledge. Whether you’ve been practicing for two years or twenty, Tom is generous with his time, eager to share his perspectives. He does this because he cares about the community, and that caring sensibility is evident to anyone who has found themselves on the receiving end of his advice.

Who knows where the ACBA would be without Tom. He is integral to its success. Tom’s community outreach is the stuff of legend. He is known to drag in a new member, holding their collar with one hand and paying dues on their behalf with the other. He helps new members network and connect. Tom knows how important the ACBA is, and what a powerful tool it can be for new lawyers.

The legal profession and the ACBA need people like Tom. We need people who prioritize the good of their clients and community above personal, short-term gains. If Tom’s life could be synthesized into one lesson, it would be that success and selflessness are not mutually exclusive. Tom always chooses to go high and people take notice. In his work, he pounds the law and facts, never the table, and in so doing sets a high bar for his peers.

Surely, Grisham’s cynicism of the legal profession would have melted in the presence of Tom Tomazin, a living embodiment of the ideals we strive for as a community. Far in the future, Tom’s name will be synonymous with that special type of courage he possesses: a courage to be righteous in the face of the quick and easy choice, a courage to be true to himself when untruth beguiles, and the steadfastness to remind us all that truth and justice cannot be exchanged for white lies and questionable intent.

Tom, thank you. Thank you for being a guiding light on our shore, and for reminding us that we can be better even at our best. For your generosity, your kindness, and your wisdom; for each person you have helped along the way, you have made this community a more generous, kinder, and wiser space.

Sep. 25, 18 by Porya Mansorian, Esq.


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